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La La Anthony's Program Assists Former Inmate in Receiving Full Scholarship to Columbia University
April 3, 2024
La La Anthony, a prominent figure in New York City, is making a significant impact through her foundation, the La La Land Foundation, particularly with its ThreeSixty program. The program, aimed at supporting young men aged 18 to 21 incarcerated at Rikers Island, provides a range of services geared towards rehabilitation and reintegration. According to information on the ThreeSixty website, the foundation, led by the multi-talented TV personality, actress, and entrepreneur La La Anthony, established the ThreeSixty program to offer legal assistance by connecting the young men with lawyers and representing them in court proceedings. Moreover, the program conducts workshops focusing on resume-building, work-training, and life skills development. In a recent interview with People magazine, Anthony emphasized the life-changing opportunities that the initiative has facilitated. She recounted a story where a former inmate, under the guidance of the ThreeSixty program, secured a full scholarship to Columbia University less than a year after being released from Rikers Island. The success stories highlight the transformative impact of providing the right environment, opportunities, and support to individuals seeking a fresh start. Anthony's deep commitment to the rehabilitation program stems from her understanding of the challenging circumstances and poor decisions that land young men in the justice system. She empathetically expressed, "At this age, they are still so young... It feels like any one of our kids could be one bad decision away from being in a similar situation." This sentiment underscores her dedication to helping these individuals make positive strides towards a better future. The overarching goal of Anthony and her team at the La La Land Foundation is to ensure that the incarcerated men successfully reintegrate into society. A crucial component of this process is assisting former inmates in securing employment opportunities to support themselves post-release. In collaboration with Reform Alliance, a nonprofit focused on transforming probation and parole systems, ThreeSixty organizes job fairs and facilitates job placements to smoothen the transition for the individuals seeking a fresh start. "We want them to be prepared with certain skills so they can really get out there and back into life and into the workforce after release," expressed Anthony in her conversation with People. Alongside job support, the foundation offers mental health assistance, leadership and enrichment programs, and maintains contact with the young men even after they relocate out of state, emphasizing a holistic approach to reintegration. The efforts spearheaded by La La Anthony and the La La Land Foundation through the ThreeSixty program exemplify a commendable commitment to providing second chances and empowering individuals to build a better future beyond their past mistakes.
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